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Finally getting around to writing in. We (mom and I) feel our purchase was well worth the money. My 78yo mom had broken her leg a week earlier and I had just come out from California to look after her.


Her broken leg meant I had to help her out of bed and into the wheelchair and then be ready to help her off the toilet if she couldn't lift herself. This was going to be several times during the night and the day.


I had already tried a couple times to lift her and it was awkward and worrying. Didn't want to drop my mom!


You approached us and introduced yourself and asked if I was having to help her getting up. Exactly right.


You then described your invention. It immediately made sense to me as a vast improvement on my mom grabbing my shirt or trying to hold onto my shoulders. She could easily grasp these handles and feel comfortable that she was less likely to slip from my grasp and free fall.


To my mind, running into you at that moment was a godsend. You got me fitted out and I wore those Helping Handles for the next week while my mom improved. 


Thank you so much.   Tahir J. Naim



Thank you, Tammy. It was our pleasure to have you come demonstrate your Helping Handles. I can see where they will replace Gait Belts. I look forward to staff feedback once they put into use.


Mary Jo Gibbons- Owner of Stone Lodge





It is working great. It helps my back a lot. My mom can’t walk or stand so there’s a lot of pivoting.  Thank you so much.

Sherri Heisserer

February 7 
Purchased a set today to aid my wife and I with mom. brought them home gave them a quick demonstration and within 30 minutes they were put to use. Wife said they were amazing and much more comfortable for mom. Awesome product.

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