Sit to Stand Ambulation

Sit to Stand

Instruct the person being assisted on what you are going to do and how this assist is going to be performed.


Step 1:

Stand directly in front of the person being assisted.


Step 2:

Have the patient place their feet a comfortable width for standing.


Step 3:

Place your feet a little more than a shoulder's width apart and present the Helping Handles to the patient.


Step 4:                       

Squat down in front of the patient, bending your knees and keeping your back straight (do not bend over at the waist).


Step 5:

The caregiver then takes ahold of the Gait™ belt and when both parties are ready, with verbal communication, instruct the patient to stand straight up.


Note: If the person being assisted cannot stand up, a 2-person assist is required.



Step 6:

While standing in front of the patient, you can walk backward helping them ambulate.


Step 7:

If going for a walk, a caregiver can be placed on both sides of the patient. This allows the patient to hold the closest Helping Handle of each caregiver as they hold the Gait™ belt.

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