Instruct the person being assisted what you are going to do and how they can help perform this repositioning.


Step 1:

While the patient is lying down, the caregiver can position themselves beside the bed, at about the waist of the patient.


Step 2:

The caregiver will then bend over at the waist, allowing the patient to grab the Helping Handle with the hand farthest away from the caregiver or the side to be lifted.


Step 3:

The caregiver will then place both of their hands behind the patient and lean backward, rolling the patient on their side.


Step 4:

If the patient is able to reposition themselves, the Helping Handles can be utilized by allowing the patient to grab the Helping Handles while having the caregiver brace themselves using the bed rails. This gives the patient the ability to maneuver at their own pace and comfort level, as well as providing them with a certain level of confidence knowing they are in control.

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