Helping Handles is the most innovative patient assistance device since the Gait belt.  It revolutionizes fall prevention, transferring, and ambulation assistance.  This device can also be utilized as a vital piece of emergency equipment as well as a physical therapy tool for stretching, isometric and resistance training.


This device gives nurses, physical therapists, caregivers, and first responders a gauge to determine whether a two-person assist is required or not. When used properly, Helping Handles will help prevent employee and caregiver back injuries while providing stability to the person being assisted which will drastically help in the battle against falls in your facility or home.


Helping Handles also makes transferring, ambulating, lifting, and repositioning easier and more controlled.  It also has the potential to eliminate the caregiver from getting scratches and lacerations from the person being assisted because they had nothing to hold on to.  By placing a second set of Helping Handles around the back and under the arms of the patient the caregiver has a better, more ergonomic lifting position providing more stabilty and security to the person being assisted.


Helping Handles harnesses are made with 600 lb. nylon webbing and the handles from mid durometer PVC. The Helping Handles harness and the PVC handles are easily disinfected with disinfecting wipes or spray. The PVC handles are completely adjustable and comfortable to hold on to while the ergonomically designed harness is so comfortable to wear, you won't even know you have it on. It's not bulky or difficult to use and is always right there when you need it. 

Helping Handles has been awarded a 2018 Caregiver Friendly Award in the Product category. 


This award signifies that you and your organization understand the value of supporting family caregivers and have created something that not only helps a caregiver care for their loved ones but also improves his or her quality of life in the process.

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